Hello there! I’m Kat and I can paint + I want to teach you how to paint too. Love whimsical and mixed media art but want to paint gorgeous faces, better hair, bodies, and hands — oh my? Here you’ll find lessons and inspiration to help your artwork turn out just like you see it in your head.

Let’s make magic together:

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I know life is busy, believe me, I’m a mommy to two young children. I get it — but I know that making art is like making magic.   It will make your life brighter, richer, and fuller.  If you want more beauty and more art in your life, then you should surround yourself with more beauty and more art – and you can create it, easy peasy!

You can create art you love: authentically & enthusiastically. I believe that the first step to creating the art and life that you love is admitting you want to create art and a life that you love. Then WHOOSH!

Imagine it like an explosion of magnificent blessings: Boom, baby —  instant clarity, bigger love, greater confidence… all because of art.