Heart Milagro by KatCanPaint

A little bit of photoshop goes a long way.

Heart Milagro by KatCanPaint
Sacred Heart version 1
acrylic and beeswax on canvas

This was originally my favorite painting I had been working on. I love the background, it has an antique sort of look to it that I really like, all those subdued layers of color. It has a lot of depth to it.


Sacred Heart by KatCanPaint

Sacred Heart version 2
digital rendering over original acrylic and beeswax on canvas

Instead of fixing an over painting problem with more paint, I fiddled about with the image in Photoshop, and I love the halo effect I got. Now it looks reminiscent of an old master’s painting. I have a thing for the imagery of sacred hearts, but I didn’t paint this with the intention of it being any specific person or saint. I want my next tattoo to be of a sacred heart, almost like a milagro in ink.


Wow, thank you to everyone who is actually reading what I say and looking at my work. I was very truly surprised anyone was following what I write/do. I decided to start blogging with the intent of keeping a record of my painting progress and ramblings on life because I am absolute crap at keeping a journal… I’m not quite sure if anything I say is really that interesting, but that’s okay with me. ( I didn’t notice I even had comments until a couple minutes ago! Oops!) I really appreciate the kind comments about my work, they brought a bit of unexpected happiness to my day.


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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