Dahlia painting by KatCanPaint

Dahlia original painting by KatCanPaint

I was so happy with the way Krista’s portrait turned out that I wanted to try and recreate the process and end result on a personal piece.  Her hands can out fabulous!

Dahlia painting by KatCanPaint
Acrylic, beeswax, heavy gel (gloss), mica on paper

Dahlia uses some reference images, namely dahlia flower line art from Dover, and French court documents. (I believe a gentleman is being fined 9 francs for trespassing. ) I absolutely love old handwriting, back in the day people really cared about their penmanship.
I used the acrylics almost like watercolors, building up a lot of watery washes over and over again. The end result was a very translucent almost airy feeling that I really like. I painted her hair an almost-carnation pink. I love pink hair. But no matter how much I fiddled with my scanner settings, and later with photoshop, it seems the only way to get that pink back is to physically paint it into the image again. I can’t wait to borrow a camera and take really good pictures of all my paintings. (And my dolls and pottery and things I’ve been working on that I can’t scan.)


<3 Kat

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