Art doll by KatCanPaint

My first Art Doll! (with wired arms, wheee!)

My first Art Doll!
I just wired the arms of this sweet little art doll I made, so now they are pose able. I’m in love! I made her out of gourds, paper mache, and paper clay. She is hand painted with acrylics.

Art doll by KatCanPaint

No patterns, all hand made.

I also hand made her outfit out of muslin and glue.  I don’t have a sewing machine but I didn’t want that to stop me, so I used what I had: every seam is glued together with tacky glue and golden heavy gel.


I constructed it like I would if I were to sew it, and glued the seams, thankfully I was using clear tacky glue, otherwise I don’t know how long that would have taken! All the muslin is hand-dyed/painted/distressed and I never throw away ribbon/yarn/fabric scraps so I had a lot of miscellaneous fabrics and ribbons and buttons that I added, on her back there is a little flower I made out of fabric scraps and beads.

Art doll side view by KatCanPaint

I really like the ‘shabby chic’ look she has.

Her hair is lamb’s wool that curls up wonderfully…. but then I thought she needed something, so I added a hat, made out of the same fabric and ribbons scraps as her dress.

That part was really exciting, because I’ve never made anything like a hat ever… its not as easy as I originally thought.  I used cardboard as a hat template and tightly wrapped the muslin around it as a base.  Then I embellished her had with ribbon and beads.

Original handmade art doll by KatCanPaint

Original gourd and clay Art Doll by KatCanPaint

I can’t wait to make more pieces like this! I want to make a Santa with the frayed-edge-pieced-together look that I did here. She’s a lot different from the other gourd art I’ve made.

(The blue in the bottom photo is tape, because I couldn’t decide on the exact placement of her arms when I had the camera.)

<3 Kat

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2 thoughts on “My first Art Doll! (with wired arms, wheee!)

  1. Mo'a says:

    What a great beginning…she is lovely. I just found your blog today…I think it was when reading comments on Vanessa’s blog. Love your art.

  2. Little Brown Sparrow says:

    She’s gorgeous! You did a great job without a needle and thread too, I think there’s alot of us that would like a dress like that!Thank you for your comment on my blog, now I’ve discovered you and your entrancing women, and have added you to my Reader. :)

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