gourd art bowl

Gourd bowls and Gourd Christmas Ornaments from 2007

This is a small selection of the gourds that I created last year, there are two or three in the mix that I did this year.  I created a lot of gourd bowls and gourd Christmas ornaments in 2007.   It was a buys craft show season, and I experimented a lot with color and design on my gourd bowls.


gourd art bowl

These are all the gourds that I had in the gallery, a professional photographer took some great photos of the pieces for me. Most of the pieces for the gallery were natural woven bowls, created with materials native to Florida. For Christmas I made a few ornaments to sell there as well, you can see one little Santa ornament found his way into the first group photo there at the bottom.


gourt art mermaid mixed media bowl by KatCanPaint

This grouping is of the gourds that I took pictures of myself, I’m not that great at it ^_^ They are the more experimental pieces as well; mixed-media pieces & rims, painted designs, dreamcatchers and such. Pieces like these, and the ones in the gallery, all get taken to craft shows with me.

Christmas Gourd ornaments and light ups by KatCanPaint

And lastly here is a tiny showing of all the Christmas pieces I end up making for the craft show season. You can see little snippets of the craft booth in there as well. A lot of the pieces light up with Christmas lights, or open, or hold cards. I design all my own pieces, and never repeat a design. This mosaic doesn’t show the 200+ ornaments that I will paint for the show. I get very very tired of painting Santa.

This year I have a lot of highly sculpted pieces with the gourd being used as armature, I can’t wait to get pictures of those!

<3 Kat

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4 thoughts on “Gourd bowls and Gourd Christmas Ornaments from 2007

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you! Mostly I blame the photographer for making my gourd skills look glorious with a bit of fancy lights and an expensive camera, ;p Unless you are counting the photos that I took, then I get to take full credit for the amazing gourdiness.

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