Art journal page 4 butterflies by KatCanPaint

Art Journal Page 4 : Butterflies

Journal Page Four : Butterflies


Art journal page 4 butterflies by KatCanPaint


I started out doodling all over the paper and journaled random thoughts and song lyrics over the last few days. I painted over a lot of my writing, because I like the look of it hiding just below the surface. I had a couple butterfly images printed out from Dover, so I glued those on in places… Then I found my Elmer’s Painters markers, which are opaque and write over a lot of surfaces without a problem. I started doodling some more and the butterfly mandala just sort of emerged. I really like the idea of it, so I might end up painting a nicer, cleaner version.

I started to paint and draw a couple of pages ahead, so that when I feel like it I can journal, instead of trying to plan out a time to sit and make something. It is a lot less perfect, but I like the spontaneity of it all, and sometimes the images just come together.

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<3 Kat

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