Art journal page 10 doll face by KatCanPaint

Art Journal Page 10 : Dollface

I was trying to scan these and add them early. Isn’t that funny. Because now I am scanning and uploading and writing late. I’m always late.
However, I am in the middle of painting bunches of things… so I’m not feeling too sorry about it.
I’d rather be busy and late than just late. I’m almost into my third trimester and I am feeling rather forgetful. Can I blame it on the baby? I’m not sure if that is it at all, but that is what we are going with.

There he is, Keian Aleksander Zane, despite the rather peaceful looking baby in the picture, I can assure you he is trying to kick the stuffing out of me on a daily basis. I’m due in May, so I only have more kicking to look forward too. Not to mention the labor.


Oh, and my journal page. Which has nothing to do with babies.

Art journal page 10 doll face by KatCanPaint

Dollface :to be a fully realized painting in the near future.  I want to do a couple of doll-faced tattooed girls. Soon.  I’m still finishing Christmas presents.  I’m late. I told you.

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<3 Kat

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