Art journal page 15 white by KatCanPaint

Art Journal Page 15 : white

Journal Page 15 : white

Art journal page 15 white by KatCanPaint
I have a lot of trouble leaving things be. Especially if those things are entirely white spaces. I had decided ahead of time to use a lot of texture and layers to achieve the white on white look I wanted… then I cheated and used pink and blue, but added a couple of white layers over the top. I thought I would be done with it a lot sooner than I was but it needed a lot of drying time.
I started making a list of things I wanted to experiment with on my journal pages, and then I realized its already the 16th.
I can’t believe how far into January we are already.
I’m moving into a new house at the end of the month. I’m having a baby sometime in May (Or maybe April if he wants to come early.)
They say the older you get the faster time moves for you.
I think I understand that now.

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