Blue Hawaiian painting by KatCanPaint

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian


Blue Hawaiian painting by KatCanPaint
A 12″x12″ technicolor tropical-inspired piece. Named after a drink, because it just seemed to fit. A lot of the pieces I am working on right now have this sort of intensely colored, dreamy, layered feel to them. This one was painted with acrylics, beeswax paints, a bit of colored pencils, Jacquard Lumieres (metallic paints) and sprinkled with mica powders. (So it has a lot of sparkle without being glittery.) Because the Lumieres and the mica powders are both interference colors, the metallic colors change with the lighting like a holographic sticker.
Holographic stickers = awesome.

Because of a certain little guy I don’t really have a lot of time to devote to painting so this multi-layered approach works for me. If I only have 15 minutes then its not a big deal, I can just add some more color or a bit of detail and then let it dry and come back later without having to completely paint over the details I just added because they don’t mesh, or blend, well with the the last bit I did… which works for me because I wanted to get away from the flatness of the acrylics I was using and the blend-blend-blend for hours thing I was trying to do that just resulted in Flat MUD.


<3 Kat

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