Bitumferous by KatCanPaint

Big Car Gallery Group Show July 2010

In the time between my last post and now I’ve had an entire gallery show, moved to a new state, and painted more than I’ve ever painted. I really feel like I’ve grown as an artist/painter. Every piece presents all these little problems to solve. Sometimes I look back later and I’m amazed that I was the person who created this piece. Sometimes everything clicks.

Bitumferous by KatCanPaint


Acrylic on canvas

16″ x 20″

Bitumferous is my favorite piece from the group show I did at Big Car gallery in Indianapolis, IN. I can see all the growth from a year and a half of painting there in one piece. I’m amazed. I’m always drawing and painting faces, always perfecting expressions. Sometimes I can look back and remember the lessons I learned with each piece, looking back I can see the inspiration behind these pieces.
I’m always experimenting… and experimenting some more.


square faces by KatCanPaint

Faces Squared

Acrylic on Canvas


Silent Collecting original painting by KatCanPaint

Silent. Collecting

Acrylic and pencil on paper


Arbor original paintign by KatCanPaint


Acrylic on Canvas

11″ x 14″

Gathering original painting by KatCanPaint


Acrylic on Canvas

18″ x 24

smoke and fire by KatCanPaint

Smoke .Fire

Acrylic on Paper

8″ x 10″

2010 was an incredible year of productivity and growth. It may be February, but I am hoping to continue with that energy for all of 2011.

<3 Kat

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