Rainbow Carousel Horse painting by KatCanPaint

Rainbow Carousel Horse original painting

Rainbow Carousel Horse original painting

I wanted to sculpt an entire carousel in a rainbow of candy colored horses and riders.  The idea was in my head for forever, so I designed a couple of girls and horses in my sketchbook.  Each girl had a color theme and cute hair, dresses, and striped socks.  This is the turquoise rainbow carousel horse:

Carousel Horse painting


I like the idea, but I don’t think I would be able to sculpt it so I messed around with the painting digitally trying to think of another way to use it.  I love playing with layers and colors both digitally and physically.  The challenge is building up a rich texture and depth while trying to keep the colors luminous.  After too many layers of paint colors get muddy and flat so I have to test my ideas for colors and techniques on smaller studies, like this Rainbow Carousel Horse painting.


Rainbow Carousel Horse painting by KatCanPaint

An entire carousel of rainbow colored horses and girls would still be a lot of fun to design and paint, but maybe I could make this a paper carousel?  A series of painted girls on carousel horses? This is a fun study for a large painting.  I used a dover clip art frame with stars and  I really like the framed piece, it would be even more awesome with a gold leaf frame on a wood plaque.

<3 Kat

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