Rose Halo digital mixed media painting and collage

Rose Halo and Rose Halo stationery : digital mixed media painting and collage 
This girl, white haired with a rose crown, has been stuck in my head, in my sketchbooks, and on my canvases for months.  I continue to sketch and paint her, but its never quite right.  I started with a painting that I edited heavily with photoshop.  Eventually with all the layers of color and texture I started to see her more as a painting than a manipulation.  I painted the image digitally, merging past incarnations of this girl with a rose halo into a mixed media digital painting and collage.
Rose Halo digital painting and collage by KatCanPaint
I created all the elements for this piece- the paintings are all mine, the textures are 100% mine, even the book page snippets are mine.  I scanned/painted/digitally collaged everything:  Its a lot of work not using prefab brushes/filters/textures/shapes.
I was so drawn to this image, and connected to it, that I based a lot of my blog design and avatars around it.  I’d love to have my own personal stationery made with this piece, so I added a layer of notebook paper over part of it, now I can just print et voila! Personal art stationery that I made myself.
<3 Kat
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