Mixed Media Painting Technique Tutorial – angel

Day 4 of a Painting a Day : Mixed Media Angel

Mixed Media Painting Technique Tutorial (say that 3 times fast! Holy moly that was wordy!)
I default to angels and mermaids and fairies.. and girly stuff when I am warming up, practicing a technique, or doodling.

This piece was a technique practice using Prismacolor colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and acrylics on canvas paper. I work a lot on canvas paper because you can get an entire pad of it for cheap – it looks just like a sketch pad and you can find it in the same aisle. I like Prismacolor pencils, they have rich colors and soft, waxy, thick lead.  If you paint over a colored area the color blends with your paint, especially white, but not as easily as a watercolor pencil.

How I did it:

  • Paint light washes of yellow ochre with dry brushed bits of raw sienna and white for the background. If you’re impatient like me – use a hair/blow dryer to dry your backgrounds quickly!
  • Draw & doodle image with a burnt umber Prismacolor pencil.
  • Color in face and shoulders.  I used peach, yellow, soft pinks, brown, some magenta, and blue for the eyes.  ( I left her hair and wings uncolored to see how the paint would react with the burnt umber pencil lines. )
  • BLEND BLEND BLEND! Prismacolors’ lead are soft and waxy so they blend really well together, use your finger, a tissue, or a colorless blender.
  • Paint! The only color of paint I used on top of the angel was white. Titan white acrylic, thinned with water, was painted on the hair, wings, and highlights of her eyes, face, and shoulders.  The thinned white paint blended together with the colored pencil layer in her face and glazed yellow ochre/raw sienna background.

After another blast of the hair dryer the white dried a little too opaque on her cheeks so I grabbed a rose pink watercolor pencil and colored&blended her lips, eyes, cheeks, and shoulders one more time.  I tried with the Prismacolor pencils first but even with their soft lead the pencil still gouged and stripped pieces of the white acrylic.

Try it for yourself and tell me about it!

<3 Kat

3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Painting Technique Tutorial – angel

  1. Chrisy says:

    You clever thing….oh how I'd like to be able to paint like this…and have just sighted your portrait of your little one…what a beautiful thing to do and to have….

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