The Constant Gardener

This is my favorite painting of 2011.  Of all time, currently.  I practiced chiaroscuro and I love the smokey glazed layers, ghostly white haze, flowers and overall color scheme.

The Constant Gardener

18″ x 24″

Acrylic on Canvas

This piece has seen so many revisions: her hair color has changed from brunette to blond to white and back around again, her face has transformed about as many times.  (I even had help from my  little boy, back in May.  Scroll to the bottom.)  I would paint other girls in smaller sizes, in different styles, and come back to this girl.  With each leap of my painting skills, with every new technique I repainted and refined her features.  Over and over. Unlike previous paintings, I really had a vision of the finished piece- she didn’t start as a technique study.   Also unlike previous paintings I didn’t keep over-painting and tweaking like an manic ocd artistlady.  There was a flow to this painting and I knew when it was time to stop working on it.

I have so many more pieces that felt like this, I think its partially due to the size of the painting, the style, and the dedication to showing up everyday to paint.

<3 Kat


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