20 of my favorite places on the interwebs


ffffound (Photo credit: Javier Arce ☄)

I spend a lot of time on the internet.  I goof off, I read blogs, I check my horoscope, facebook, and emails.  I have no clue what the twitters is all about, but I check tweets out over there too. I use FFFFOUND for image inspiration.  I *heart* pinterest because I’m a super visual person (hrm, artist, who’d have thunk it) and flickr too for that matter. I have photoshop but I play with picnik all the time (and its going away! ARG!) But the regular places I check out for crafty stuff, art stuff, and bloggy stuff are generally the same.  They blow my mind away with beautiful design and great content.

The Link Love in no particular order:

  • Gala Darling is a radical self love superstar and fashionista.
  • Alexandra Franzen is a sassy wordsmith. I bought her stuff, it rocked my socks, I wrote her a love note.  (Sounds kinda creepy now, oh wells.)
  • Seth Godin is in my inbox daily, makin’ sense.
  • Marie Forleo Q&A Tuesday! Plus- who doesn’t want to be Rich Happy and Hot?
  • Danielle LaPorte White Hot Truth. Get the Firestarter Sessions, seriously. Bizzness and creative success bootcamp for the soul.
  • Dollar Store Crafts I love me some crafty girl-time.  On the cheap!
  • The Pioneer Woman  I need no other foodblog. Really! If its a week night and I can’t be arsed to figure out something to cook P-dub is my best friend. I’m lazy, my family eats (m)any of her recipes.
  • Notes from Halfland = inspiration wonderland! Stop-motion folk-lore animation in progress blog: each post is a step of the creation of set and sculpture.
  • A Fanciful Twist is an sensory treat.  Luscious photographs, beautiful art, heart-warming stories. I once shared a recipe for sticky lemon chicken with her; she blogged about it, I felt like a rockstar.  I’m a dork, I know.
  • Elsa Mora is another prolific, dedicated artist and mother I admire.  Paper cuts, jewelry, drawings, paintings, sculpture, dolls, books…inspiring.
  • Chicken Lips original holiday folk art/paper mache sculptures.
  • James Jean is my favorite contemporary artist.
  • Cart Before The Horse Husband and wife team that makes awesome folk art fabric sculptures & dolls.
  • Paper Forest is another amazing blog about paper crafts.  I’m a sucker for anything diy, paper art, and crafty stuff!
  • Design*Sponge gorgeous home decor and diy inspiration.  But you already know that.

Surf and enjoy!

<3 Kat

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