The Burning Question a la Danielle LaPorte

Your day, kissing, next success, friendships, nervous system, money-making… How do you want it all to feel?

Everything? I want it all to feel like a Francesca Lia Block novel. Magical realism. Love, lip gloss, glitter bombed bliss. Magical cottage; safe, sweet, juicy, inspired. Joyous abandon.

Kissing? Back of a motorcycle 60 mph at night + city lights: Rush.

Success? I want it to feel amazing: Breath of fire, kid on Christmas, holding your baby after hours of labor amazing. I want to feel ecstatic, jubilant, shout it from the roof tops amazing.

Money-making? I want it to feel like that sweet spot of YES and then a choir of ten thousand responding yesses bubbling up bursting out gushing forth that you didn’t know existed before you said yes.


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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