January 2012 Review: new ideas, new direction, focus

January was all about revamping, redesigning, relocation, and resuscitation. The blog revamping & relocation, art bizz identity redesign, and goal resuscitation.

There was an art show at a nudist resort, a new studio & office, a truckload of learning, tax filing, and creative mojo; new ideas, direction, and focus.

No resolutions for this year, but a lot of rethinking and re-framing. New option for the stacks of to-do lists I compile, pile, and forget. I made a wall of goals on post its (because I love office supplies more than to do lists) and with every new idea, I add another post it. Better system because it keeps me focused and doesn’t interrupt the flow of a list.  I don’t have to do anything, its a wall of ideas to guide me when I am creating.

February is here and I’m excited for new creative ideas (why do they always hit at 2am?) with paper clay, gourd art, portraits, jewelry, and paper.  I have new paints, a new sketchbook, two new types of clay, and a stack of new canvas ready to go!

<3 Kat

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