butterfly wings painting

Butterfly Wings

These two pieces were really fun to paint. I don’t know how I couldn’t enjoy painting layers of bold, rainbow colored butterfly wings.

butterfly wings painting

I have wings on the brain: almost every piece I have created lately incorporate butterfly wings somehow in the painting. Probably because wings are one of my favorite things to paint. (Also, flowersportraits, carousel horses, glittery rainbows! Okay not glittery rainbows, but… unicorns!)

butterfly wings painting

I can smoosh and blend all my favorite teals and greens and pinks together, no worries if I am technically correct anatomically speaking, but the idea is there. Which makes my brain shut up while I’m working because, seriously, SO MUCH FUN! Wings! If I am getting too caught up in a painting (STUCK! Arg!@^%!*&!) I can paint wings and turn off my perfectionist painter brain and just enjoy the process.  Because that’s what it is all about, yes? (Hokey pokey!)

I think this is the theme of the week. Or the blog. Hooray for finishing things and destuckification!  Did I make that word up? Probably!

<3 Kat

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