Tutorial Tuesday! Quick and easy diy painted butterfly wing background

It’s Tutorial Tuesday!  Time for an easy, free painting lesson that you can do in less than an hour.

This is my go-to painted background technique for all kinds of surfaces. All you need is a couple fun colors of acrylic paint + black, two brushes, and paper or canvas (or whatever you want to paint on.) It’s easy to embellish if you want a more elaborate background, or you can keep it simple and use it in your sketchbook as a background for a journal.

Gather Supplies and choose your colors of paint! I have yellow, purple, pink, red, and light blue.  The black is for detailing the wings.

The colors of your wings are going to be the background, so make it colorful! I like to paint a gradient; warm colors to cool colors.   I do this with a largish brush and clean in between colors.

Thin the black acrylic to make it easier to use and paint in loose butterfly wing shapes with a liner brush.

Fill the entire page, keep your brush strokes light and loose.


Add the wing details in with the same liner brush.  I don’t like to make mine super realistic, but if you do, google butterfly wings and go from there. Dover also has some great free reference available.

Fill the entire page and blast it with a hair dryer if you’re like me and don’t like waiting for things to dry.

These make fun backgrounds for art journals, atc / aceo / art cards, collages… picture frames, birdhouses, and lots of other crafty projects.  Since this is my favorite technique right now, I would put it on anything & everything.  I really want to make some neon bright butterfly nails, I think it would make an awesome manicure.

 Experiment with colors, different shades of pink!, Create a really detailed first layer and/or collage first and then paint your wings over the top, paint the lines on the wings a color other than black, Have fun painting!

<3 Kat

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