Custom Superhero Portrait

Custom Super Hero Portrait (or Villain, if that’s how you roll)

I’m offering custom Super Couple portraits on – it doesn’t matter which side of the Force you’re on. Spiff up that secret hide out and keep the raygun-inators to yourself; your secret identity is safe with me.

Custom Superhero Portrait

Need something special to make your evil Lair of Doom or Tower of Justice feel a little more… homey? I can paint a custom Super Couple portrait for you! Have a Super Hero family? A Super Friends group? A Danger Baby or Kid Crusader? Want to know what you would look like as a Super Hero or Villain? Have no fear curious civilian! No need to moonlight as a Defender of Justice: Simply e-mail or message me a great photo of you and your sidekick / henchman. After we decide on the colors of your costume and style of your mask, I paint your personalized portrait in a pop pulp comic style.

Your custom portrait is illustrated in a comic book style, with bright colors, using artist quality pencils and acrylic paint. I use beautifully textured, cold pressed, 140lb Fabriano watercolor paper. The paper makes your portrait perfect for popping into any 8 x 10 picture frame.

These comic book portraits are super fun to paint and own, and I’m like the Flash when it comes to painting; turn around time is about a week from start to ship.

Also:: You can make great birthday invitations, cards, t-shirts, postcards, and etc. with your painted image! There are plenty of awesome printing services available to make custom jewelry, mirrors, buttons, stickers, or whatever you can imagine with your painted image.

Hop on over to my etsy : to get yours!

<3 Kat


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