Where are all my favorite Picnik tools located in Picasa?

Are you still mourning Picknik? Yeah, me too.  I dreaded April 19th more than I dreaded tax day.  Picnik was my favorite free photo editing tool, it was nicer and more user friendly than photoshop and had tons of fun features.

But making the switch from Picnik to Picasa can be very frustrating!

If you try to visit Picnik now, you get a message, “To help you along with future editing needs visit Creative Kit in Google+.” You don’t have to click on that link, it’s not helpful. It takes you to an article:

“Edit your photos

Easily edit and personalize photos from your albums using the steps below:

  1. Open the photo you’d like to edit in lightbox view.
  2. Use the buttons above the image to rotate Left or Right or to turn on Auto-fix. To undo Auto-fix, click the feature again to turn it off.
  3. For additional Basic Edits or to add Effects or Text, use the Creative Kit.
    If you change the dimensions of your photo, existing name tags may be deleted. Learn more about adding name tags to your photos.
  4. After editing, Save your image. You’ll be prompted to Replace the image or Save a new copyto the album.
    If you Replace, the edited image will appear where you’ve shared the original. This action can’t be undone and you won’t be able to restore your original image.”

Which is great information, sure. But uhm.  HOW DO I DO THAT! What is the Creative Kit? Where do I find the Creative Kit? I want to edit and personalize my photos now now now!

No worries, I put together a couple of images to give you a hand in transitioning from Picnik to Picasa.

Step 1: Assumes you already downloaded Picasa from Google and installed it onto your computer.  Handy Dandy link:

Your favorite tools and features from Picnik are hiding in the Creative Kit.  I circled it, and drew an arrow to it, and wrote click here on the screen shot.  Sorry, I play a lot of Drawsomething.

picasa creative kit screenshot

So, CLICK THERE… in Picasa, if you click it here nothing exciting is going to happen.

Step 2: Picasa wants to know if you want to edit a copy of this photo in Creative Kit. Yes, yes you do.  Unless you don’t.  But I like to experiment, so I always say yes.


Step 3: You are here! There are options that should look a little more familiar: Basic Edits, Effects, Decorate, and Text.


Step 4: Those frogs look familiar! Clicking on Effects takes you… uhm. Well, it takes you to the effects options. Genius!  A lot of my favorite options are still here, Cross Process, Ortonish, 1960s.


Step 5: The Decorate option is sadly lacking some of my favorite tools.


But the Beards are still there!  Please, beard your family and friends, upload the photo to Facebook, and tag them in it. Or put it in a blog post! They won’t mind!

Step 6: A lot of fun fonts are still available!


Step 7: If you liked the collage options they aren’t in the Creative Kit.  They are under the Creative option in the main menu.  I don’t know why it was moved, but I don’t work for Google.  I’m sure it made sense to the person who coded this program. But, yay! You can still make fun collages with your photos!


Hope that was easy enough! Picasa wont replace Picnik in my heart but a lot of my favorite options are still available in the same format.

If you need more information you can check out the official Google information, the helpful stuff is here.

<3 Kat


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