gourd art gourd bowl gold blue black

Gourd Art! Welburn Gourd Farm GourdMasterTransparent Acrylics review

I used an amazing thick gourd from Welburn Gourd Farm and their GourdMaster transparent acrylics and liquid gold leaf to create this gourd art bowl.


gourd art gourd bowl gold blue black

©2012 Kathleen McBride, Golden Swirls, carved cut and painted gourd, 7″ diameter at widest point.


Normally I travel to the local gourd farm or the Florida Gourd Show to hand pick the gourds I want to use. Every gourd artist I know loves trekking through dirty gourds to find the perfect size and shape.  Loading them up and traveling home to clean and cut and clean again? Not so much.  I take a lot of pride and  joy in finding the perfect gourd to work with.  Plus, I like making connections: speaking to the farmers, the suppliers, and other artists.

Honestly, though, the cleaning, cutting, cleaning part I could do with out. Its a lot of work. So I cheated!  Ordering pre-cut and cleaned gourds makes getting to the fun part of designing, painting, and decorating quick and easy.

Welburn Gourd Farm is well known for their organic, quality, thick, canteen gourds. They offer already cut and cleaned gourd bowls (Pre-Cut and Craft-Ready Bowl) and vases (NEW! Pre-cut Craft Ready Tall Body Gourds I can’t wait to order some!)  Plus they sell their brand of paints, dyes, and other gourd supplies on the website, so you can order what you need from home.

I ordered the Deluxe pack and painted with the GourdMaster transparent acrylics with normal brushes, like I use for my Golden acrylics, but I ordered two microbrush applicators to play with too.

  • Pros: Beautiful color, thinner than Golden Fluid acrylics but extremely pigmented so the color isn’t “watered down.”  Pigment based, not dye, so I don’t have to worry about my color fading.
  • Cons: Price and drying time.

The GourdMaster transparent acrylics are priced at $7.95 for a 1oz (yes, one ounce) tube.   They are an investment if you are used to painting with craftsmart or folk art hobby acrylics.  I am used to paying for artist and professional quality art supplies so the price is comparable to what I would normally pay.


A little goes a long way, and you can use the paints to get neat effects.


gourd art blue green drips GourdMaster transparent acrylics

©2012 Kathleen McBride, Blue and Green Drips, gourd and acrylic, 6″ diameter at widest point.


I used Leaf, Aquamarine, Midnight Blue, and Pure White to create the dripping color blending effect on this gourd.  I had to buy a heat gun to set these paints, because I didn’t want to wait around for them to dry.   I’m impatient, but with the heat gun these babies dried in seconds.



Mango gourd art vase GourdMaster acrylic

©2012 Kathleen McBride, Gilded Mango, gourd acrylics and gold leaf, 6″ diameter at the widest point.


I used Leaf, Mocha, and Canary on this gourd.  Plus some gold leaf to finish the rim.  Gold leaf destroys brushes! The GourdMaster transparent acrylics were glazed on in layers, blended, and blasted with the heat gun. I used them a lot like I would use leather dyes (but without the side effects of green hands and clothes and table and floor…) then I dripped the colors into one another and blasted with the heat gun again.


red and purple gourd art bowl

©2012 Kathleen McBride, Ruby Red, gourd and GourdMaster transparent acrylics, 7″ diameter at widest point.


Look at the saturated intense color! Painted with Grape, Royal Purple, and Red Wine. While I was experimenting, I used the acrylics like leather dyes and splashed rubbing alcohol on the paint.  It created the spotted resist effect you see in the purple.


I would definitely buy these again, but I don’t need to any time soon! After all of my experiments I’m going to run out of gourds before I run out of paints.  I’m going to order their Liquid Mask next because I want to play with batik effects on gourds.

Check out Welburn Gourd Farm’s website if you would like to order gourds, dyes, or paints.

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4 thoughts on “Gourd Art! Welburn Gourd Farm GourdMasterTransparent Acrylics review

  1. iangoldsmith says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen a gourd looking beautiful before. Seen them as shakers and water bottles, but never art! I’ll never underestimate the humble gourd ever again. Nice work.

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