Five Superhero Friends sketch by KatCanPaint

Superhero Best Friends Portrait Painting Comission

I’ve been working on a custom superhero portrait commission for 5 friends and I’m sharing the process.

A lot goes into a commission before I begin painting: sketching, sending the image to the customer, making changes, getting customer approval on those changes.  (Past finished Custom SuperHero portraits here and here.)  The image has to be perfect before I start painting.  Even with the costumes and masks the customer has to be able to recognize the people in the painting.

Five Superhero Friends sketch by KatCanPaint

This was the first sketch done for a 12×18 painting.  Using the photograph for reference, I sketch each person and add the mask and costumes.  From here I e-mail the image back to the customer so that she can approve the colors and design before I can get started on the painting.

I’ll post the progress each step of the way, stay tuned!

And if you’d like your own SuperHero Best Friends Portrait you can check out my Etsy:


<3 Kat


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