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Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts via Pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts via Pinterest

In case you didn’t know, I am going to need a pintervention soon.  I seriously have the worst addiction to Pinterest.  I can’t help it, I’m a visual person.  See, I used to be fast and furious with the right clicking.  Oh pretty picture! Right clicky-click and there was a million and twelve folders full of gigabytes of purloined images, never to be labelled or properly attributed.  Then pinterest came along and I jumped on board: I was on pinterest before pinterest was cool.  I’m so hipster.

Now I have 21 folders with over 1000 pins, and I’m not even trying.  It is visual bookmarking for me, which is something I do naturally.  I used to keep a journal, a binder, and several folders full of cut out images of things that inspired me.  The great thing about Pinterest is that I can track trends socially and I can group ideas and inspirations into separate folders that link back to the source- and I don’t take up any space on my computer. I get the joy of curating my own little galleries for whatever my whims are at the moment.

Right now I am really into summertime crafts and I am regularly featuring fun and easy crafts pinned on Pinterest.

Princess crowns out of lace and glitter!


I think these are meant for little girls, but I would totally wear these and leave a trail of glitter in my fabulous wake.


Tiny home made pinatas


I want a pinata necklace, or a pinata garland, or a tiny pinata party.  They look beautiful and are so amazingly simple: cut out the cardboard shapes (use recycled cereal boxes!) tape them together with masking tape, and decorate with tissue paper cut into strips and fringed. *fringed may or may not be a real word.


Fun flip flops!

Source: via Kat on Pinterest


This template is easy to personalize: lace / buttons / fabric rosettes /old rhinestone jewelry


Paper Craft Owls


These couldn’t be easier, you just print these little guys out and cut & fold.


DIY Neon Animal Garland

Source: via Kat on Pinterest



Get a bag o’ plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store and paint them in fun neon colors, then string them and hang anywhere you need a prehistoric pop of color!  Or cover ’em in glitter spray paint, because you can’t have enough glitter dinos in your life!



I have two other Pinterest Summer Craft Camp posts for your pinterest addiction crafting pleasure:


Happy Crafting!

<3 Kat

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts via Pinterest

  1. L.E. Amatulli says:

    Cute! I especially love the tiny pinatas, but the princess crowns were pretty fierce too! Clearly I need to explore Pinterest some more so that I can add it to my list of interweb addictions. Great post:))

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