fairy cake digital painting by KatCanPaint

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy CUPCAKE Crafts via Pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Cupcake Crafts via Pinterest

Look! Its another Pinterest Summer Craft Camp. I’ve collected 5 awesome Cupcake Craft pins for your cupcake crafting pleasure! Cute cupcake crafts out of felt, fabric, paper, and spackle! 

Cupcake Stands

Source: ohcupcakes.net via Kat on Pinterest

Easy cupcake stands, for your finished felt cupcake craft or your spackle cupcakes!

Beautiful felt cupcake and strawberry!

Source: instructables.com via Kat on Pinterest

From instructables.com – too pretty!

Cupcake Placecard holders

Source: frugaliciousme.com via Kat on Pinterest

Made with spackle, glue, and paint!

I can’t sew, and I admire anyone who can, so here is a cute hand-stitched cupcake purse.

Source: paper-and-string.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

It even has a zipper!

This is a cute fabric and paper cupcake card, if you can’t sew!

Source: thepinkcouch.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

There are petit fours and other cakes too make too!

Happy Cupcake Crafting!
<3 Kat

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