Kingdom Hearts hand painted shoes by KatCanPaint

DIY Geek Fashion! Avatar the Last Airbender and Kingdom Hearts Hand Painted Shoes

I love love love custom painting things.  Backpacks, hats, t-shirts, shoes… its perfect for summer and back to school crafty time.  These two pairs of shoes were custom painted to show some geek pride.  Everything was rough sketched in pencil and then inked and painted with acrylics and Elmer’s paint pens.  You could totally transfer your favorite images onto canvas shoes and have some fun color it yourself shoes.  Coloring book shoes!

Why do flip flops have to be the only fun summer shoes? Grab yourself some awesome cheap canvas shoes, some paints, and make a pair of hand-painted fun summer shoes.  Easy weekend project if you’re crazy about detail like I was in the first pair, or an rainy day afternoon project if you simpify your design like the second pair:

Pair one of the hand painted geek shoes of awesome:

Kingdom Hearts hand painted shoes by KatCanPaint

This is the front view.

Left Kingdom Hearts Shoe by KatCanPaint

Left shoe

Right Kingdom Hearts Shoe by KatCanPaint

Right shoe

If you like Kingdom Hearts then you know the lands on the sides of the shoes.  I had about two inches of space to sketch and paint the tiny details of the Castle and Destiny Islands on the sides.  These were a lot of fun, and a lot of itty bitty sketchy painty goodness.  I used a decent pen that wouldn’t bleed for these, so I could paint over the lines.

Pair two my DIY Geek Fashionista kicks:

Katara hand painted shoe by KatCanPaint

Right shoe

Zuko and Katara painted shoes by KatCanPaint

Front view

I made shoes for Kerri, my other sister, with two of her favorite characters from Avatar: the Last Airbender on them.  She’s a big Zutara fan.

I wanted to keep these bold and colorful, more simplistic because a:) those Kingdom Hearts shoes killed me and b:) it read better from far away.  All those little fiddly bits.. yeah.. no one is going to know what they are because they blend together from far away.  Unless you walk on your hands, or want to pride yourself in the details, don’t worry about complex scenes.

You can custom paint any canvas shoes, all you need is acrylic paint.  The cheapy hobby acrylics work for this. If you like to draw then you can use Sharpie markers, prismacolor markers and pencils instead.  There is a fabric medium in the craft store that helps make acrylic paint softer to use as fabric paint but I didn’t really need it here.

I used Elmer’s paint pens for a lot of the doodled details, they handle well, nice and painterly, and they did’t fade.  In fact the painting / cheap acrylics outlasted the canvas shoes.

<3 Kat

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