Imaginary Wardrobe : Illustrating my favorite clothing from Pinterest

Hello Thursday!

I have had a crazy awesome week! A lot of breakthroughs that felt like breakdowns in the middle.  I have been driving myself crazy trying to nail down exactly what I am doing with my art.  What is my style?  What do I keep, what do I focus on?  What am I bored with and what do I let go?

I’m robbing myself of the joy of painting trying to know set-in-stone answers to those questions when I’ve never been a set-in-stone kind of girl.

My favorite thing from this week is the Ah ha! Moment that I had while running through my pinboards on pinterest.  I love fashion: Colors, textures, patterns, I am super inspired by a lot of fashiony things, even if I will only covet and never own pieces I adore.  Firstly I am a plus sized girl and a lot of the clothing that I love just isn’t made in my size, and I’m not learning to sew any time soon.  And, secondly, I am definitely never going to be able to afford to purchase ever article of clothing that I love anyway- with clothing, shoes, and jewelry I bet I could spend enough to purchase a new house.

So I am living vicariously through my imaginary pinterest wardrobe when the Ah Ha! Moment hit me: if I can’t own the clothes I’m fantasizing about I can illustrate them!


Here is the first of my Imaginary Wardrobe girls:

Imaginary Wardrobe 1 by KatcanPaint fashion illustration


Isn’t she cute? I never really considered fashion illustration my thing, but this girl was fun and quick to make.  Whenever I start to drive myself bonkers, I’m going to step back and illustrate one of these girls; I’m not here to kill myself with worry over painting, I’m here to have fun!


<3 Kat


3 thoughts on “Imaginary Wardrobe : Illustrating my favorite clothing from Pinterest

  1. Mikayla says:

    Living vicariously thru your Pinterest wardrobe? Ha, I thought I was the only one. I agree drawing is a great outlet to deal with Pinterest induced fashion cravings. Love the post.

    • Kat says:

      If only I could own every designer dress I pin… I would line my walls with them like the pieces of art they are! But then I would need to be a bajillionaire… so nope. I can live my dreams in pin boards and paint. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Annette Poacher says:

    Kat i can really sympathize with you regarding being at a crossroads with your art. I have read where people have a blocks where they can’t paint anything and i have been going through this myself. Just don’t have any inspiration – i want to paint but just don’t have the creative juices flowing and don’t know what direction i want my art to take me. Very frustrating

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