Through the Looking Glass by KatCanPaint

Mad Tea Party 2012!

I’ve always loved the idea of Wonderland. I draw and paint Alice and the characters from Wonderland a lot.

She shows up in my sketchbooks all the time! This painting is Alice’s Favorite necklace I really want to make a cute pattern out of that wallpaper and turn it into fabric. Wouldn’t that make the cutest dress?

Through the Looking Glass by KatCanPaint

I love the entire idea of Wonderland and Mad Tea Parties! I’m beyond excited that I get to participate this year. I love this idea so much I made a pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to party ideas. 

My Mad Tea Party this year is brought to you by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist and Pinterest! Such lovely sources of wonder, whimsy, and inspiration!

Don’t worry, everyone’s invited!

..and if you are running late and can’t figure out what to wear, the lovely blogger DisneyBound has a million amazing Alice themed outfits

If if only it weren’t hurricane season here in Florida, I would love to have a real, live, gorgeous tea party in my backyard.  This image is so magical to me.

Couldn’t you just live outside in this Wonderland, having tea parties everyday?

Source: via Colby on Pinterest

Grab yourself a cup of tea!  They make Alice in Wonderland themed tea, who knew? (Also authorized for real birthdays.)

Source: via Kyle on Pinterest

Or a cuppa cake. I’m a sucker for a creative cupcake!

I’d love to be a guest at this Mad Tea Party themed wedding

This year I painted a very different Alice. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a blond Alice, like in the Disney movie, a brunette Alice… or something a little different.

blue hair alice painting by KatcanPaint

Something a little different won! I want a blue purple wig of my very own, and her Peter Pan collar. This Alice is far from traditional, I feel like I captured a school photo portrait…Freshman in highschool Alice. I know I had crazy colored hair in highschool ^_^

Happy Mad Tea Partying everyone and a big giant ThAnK YoU!!! Ms. Vanessa for hosting such an amazing party every year, I’m so glad I could make it this year!

<3 Kat

38 thoughts on “Mad Tea Party 2012!

    • Kat says:

      Thanks Meeha, DisneyBound (the girl who created the board) posts a lot of really great Disney outfits on her tumblr! if you love Disney and fashion you can follow the link and check it out.

    • Kat says:

      Thank you so much, she was fun to paint too! I have a plan for an entire group of rainbow-haired Alice paintings. The next one is bubblegum pink ^_^

  1. Victoria Sayer says:

    I have really enjoyed my visit with you today, I also love all things Alice. Wonder what real Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea leaves TASTE LIKE?? Thanks Kat, for popping over to my tiny Mad Tea Party, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. micupoftea says:

    What great photos…LOVE the stumps with cushions on them…whimsical! Your Cheshire outfit would sure be fun. What a cute kitty ring. Thx for stopping by…happy tea time!

  3. Wendy from Wonderland says:

    Oh I had such a delicious time at your party. I loved seeing all the Pinterest images. They were picked perfectly. And your paintings are so very lovely. I dig the high school Alice with blue hair. I think that it is perfect.

    Thank you for inviting me. Oh please do drop in for a Spoonful of Mad Tea over on the Other Side of Wonderland
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  4. Laura says:

    Hi, I found you thanks to the Mad Tea Party! I just love your work! And your tea party is fabulous! Thanks for having me.

  5. Beth P says:

    I had a most wonderful time at your Mad Tea Party and thank you for coming to my party as well! I really must dash so much more to eat and the tea musn’t get cold!
    Beth P

  6. Kelly says:

    What a great collection of ideas and images. Your Alice is just precious! using Pinterest to plan your party was very clever. Thanks for allowing me to visit!

  7. Gioncarla L says:

    oh my dear kat. I dare say your talent leaves me with a lack of words. I am in awe. Lost in the eyes of your blue Alice. Well done! Thanks for visiting my party earlier and for your kind words about my art. Its growing still within me. :)

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