Mermaid banana gourd pattern by KatcanPaint

Free gourd craft pattern : Mermaid with sailboat banana gourd ornament by KatCanPaint

For 12 years of my life I was the Gourd Girl at all the local art and craft shows.  My work shifted from pineneedle woven bowls (didn’t everyone learn how to do those?) to patterned Santa gourd ornies and light ups to original work.  I’ve done it all: painted full on art pieces on my gourds, cut and painted colorful butterfly art gourd pitchers, power carved, woodburned / pyroengraved, used color pencil, dyed gourds, used inlace on gourds, created mixed media woven rims with yarn and beads, painted nativity scenes…Ooh yeah, I’ve experimented with gourds.

My favorite gourds to make have always been the banana gourd ornies.  I love offering something fun, fresh, and cute at craft shows, and banana ornies are perfect! You can get really creative but not spend months on the piece.

If you’re painting gourd art or gourd ornaments for the holiday season check back here often. I’m offering free gourd patterns for gourd crafting ladies and gentlemen in search of something cute.

My first free pattern template sketch is a cute banana gourd Mermaid ornament.

Mermaid banana gourd pattern by KatcanPaint

Isn’t she cute?

Here is a mermaid cutie with a sail boat in her arms.  I cut her tail fin out of scrap gourd and secure it with toothpicks, glue, and wood filler.

Her lovely wavy locks of hair are meant to curve around the banana gourd body to the back.  Right click and save image as then print her out.

I use gesso to prep my gourds before painting, then I transfer or draw my image with a brown colored pencil.  I find that graphite pencil lines show through my paint, so I avoid them.

If you have the tools you can wood burn / pyroengrave your mermaid girl image.  No tools? Use markers and colored pencils to decorate your banana gourd.

You can have a lot of fun with shells and beads too, after your lovely girl is decorated, sealed, and ready to hang you can embellish the wire to hang your ornament.  It adds another element of whimsy and personalization.

If you’d like to see more patterns or there is a specific pattern you are interested in leave me a comment!

<3 Kat


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