What are you Certain of today? Brain Supernova via Meg Boone

I have a summer cold, which is bleh, I’m trying to pull myself out of it with lots of rest and vitamins and water.  Trying to rest, but there is this giant pile of paintings  that keep calling me back to my desk to paint.   I have so many ideas right now that its surreal in brain fog sick mode.

Oh, hello crazy messy desk!

But Meg Boone’s questation via blog and facebook burned through the fog called me to attention so fast.

She asks:

How have you come Unhinged?

What innovation has come from this unraveling?

OH HELLO! Get out of my brain.  I’m still going through it, and I have to tell you, its hard to see the lesson when you are in the middle of learning it.

Oh, but oh! I can answer this one:


What are you Certain of today?

I am certain that I am my strongest when I am in person: bodacious, tenacious, and loquacious.

I am confident in my abilities as an artist.

The fear and the giant looming question in my brain is:
How do I translate effervescent Super Kat into online stuff?

I am so tied into the fear of doing it wrong, that I am certain I miss the parts where I am doing it right.
I need someone to smack me in the brain sometimes and say KAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT THIS TOO MUCH!

I know I have all the pieces I just need to tweak and cull, I need to edit and I need to put the puzzle together.
I know its so close and that fear, the fear that I wreck everything, the one that is all in my head, is freight-train-screaming-loud the closer I get.

I am certain that everyone goes through this and that I am not going to get a road map because its my journey and I need to figure it out for myself. 

I just need to keep making work because for me it is the same as putting one foot in front of the other:

Art is how I figure it all out.



Figuring it out too? Hop over to megboone.com and join in the discussion.

<3 Kat

4 thoughts on “What are you Certain of today? Brain Supernova via Meg Boone

  1. Meg Boone says:

    Kat thanks for the link love….and yes your certainty in your art is where it starts…from that seed your greatest will spring…I have huge faith in you girl

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