I’m obsessed with painting butterfly wings but I don’t care.

I’ve taken over a lot of the available surfaces in my house with these paintings of butterfly wings.  I’m obsessed with the colors and patterns of real wings and with the ones I swirl and create with paint.



There are little groupings on the walls, on book shelves, and on the mantle.   But I can’t decide on the arrangement so I keep changing where I display the finished art.

There are a lot of posts this summer about all the paintings that I’ve incorporated butterfly patterns into, everything I paint ends up with butterflies.

Sleeps With Butterflies

Butterfly Summer

and the beautiful Rosaline


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies : acrylic on 8×10 canvas

There are two new butterfly painting pieces I haven’t shared until now.  A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies is an 8 x 10 canvas painted with all my favorite colors: green apple, pink, peach, turquoise and aqua.  It is a perfect splash of color anywhere I hang or display it. (You can visit my etsy for pricing and availability.) I really like this technique and I want to try outlining my wings with white next: I think it will have a lace effect.  I’m really excited about using a pattern of wings like this in a portrait, it would be so pretty. I get so lost in the details of colors and pattern.

So far I have only worked small, 6″ x 12″ + 8″x10″  + 11″ x 14″ I have a couple 16″ x 20″ canvas ready for something so I’m planning a giant butterfly painting too.  (Yup, obsessed.)


A Kaleidoscope of neon butterflies

A Kaleidoscope of Neon Butterflies : acrylic on canvas 11×14

And this is the second one I haven’t shared, its a  neon riot kaleidoscope of butterfly wings, not as defined in a pattern like the other ones.  I named it… wait for it: A Kaleidoscope of Neon Butterflies. This painting is listed on my etsy if you’d like to own it.

Did you know a group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope? There are so many hilarious collective nouns, but a kaleidoscope of butterflies is poetic and beautiful.

In this painting I started abstracting the wings and patterns more, suggesting forms instead of outlining them heavily with black.  I want to create a bouquet of butterfly wings and about eight thousand other paintings to add to my menagerie of rainbow butterfly wing paintings.


So. Many. Ideas.

I think paintings of butterfly wings just became my thing.


<3 Kat

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