Challenging my photography skills : hurricane + cell phone + bathroom + painting

The lighting in my master bath is perfect for photographing paintings. Too bad it is all the way across the house.

I really think these photographs came out great! I took these photos in my bathroom, because there is a huge frosted window so I get beautiful diffused lighting.  Start where you are, right?

I’m really pushing myself to take decent cell phone camera photographs until I can get a camera of my own.

I use my cell phone camera for everything.  Instagram aside, I use it to take photos of my finished and in progress works.  But I take them in the darkish corner of my space, where my desk and painting studio are set up.  Darkish space + camera phone = not the greatest of photographs.  Even with all the photoediting in the world, my grainy / blurry / orange / shadowed CRAP photos cannot be redeemed.

But, would you look at these lovelies:


Collage of my original painting, taken with my cell phone camera.

Hilariously, I took these during the Hurricane (I live in Florida) so I know that I can get a good shot in questionable weather and lighting, with my cellphone, in the bathroom of all places.

Even the detail shots look really nice, my phone has a macro setting that I’ve never used before… but you can see all the brush strokes and layers of paint.

I’m working on a huge project right now and getting nice photos is really important to me. I’ll share more later this week!

<3 Kat


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