Face Painting Inspiration via Pinterest



I’m a Pinterest addict, its true.  I used to keep notebooks and sketchbooks full of magazine clippings of faces that inspired me: Now I have pinboards!

I have a couple of favorite models that I love to use as portrait painting inspiration – and it is super important to draw from life as much as possible even if your art is stylized versions of people.  Drawing from photographs doesn’t replace drawing from life: photographs are flat, 2-d images based on life, so your drawings from them will always be flat.  You can only capture the details the camera’s lens recorded, instead of the details your eyes and brain pick out.  It really is important, in art school I had 3 hours of figure drawing daily plus I went to an extracurricular figure drawing workshop twice a week.  I learned the rules of proportion and how to really see the figure in space. That level of dedication to figure drawing  was important to me because I love drawing and painting people and portraits; I wanted to  be able to stylize the lines and proportions with a foundation in realism.   If you need practice draw your family, friends, keep a mirror in your art studio/ work area and draw yourself!

Well, that was a tangent!

Anyway, I still love a great portrait, magazine editorial, and moody photograph.  I have an entire pinboard dedicated to my love of portraits and portrait art; I’m inspired daily by beautiful faces.

I’ve collected six lovely lady faces, photographed with great lighting, focused on captivating eyes for your enjoyment and inspiration!


Source: manchannel.tumblr.com via Kat on Pinterest

Tomorrow I am sharing the first class in my How to Paint a Pretty Face workshop: How to Draw Eyes.

See you then!

<3 Kat


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