Hey Shenee! Hot Brand Action Scholarship entry with infographic!

Shenee at HeyShenee.com is holding a scholarship contest that I couldn’t ignore.

I have SO MANY THINGS on my plate right now: tutorials to complete, videos to edit, paintings to paint, branding to work on.  Completing an entry for a scholarship contest that is DUE TODAY is crazypants right now.

Lets make magic!

I’m crazypants and NOW is the right time to do this.

Why do I need Hot Brand Action RIGHT now?

I’m Kat and I can paint. {I’m a domain name genius, I know} I’m reframing KatCanPaint.com from being all about my paintings to engage readers more with art courses and workshops.  I’ve got BIG PLANS for content that I’m excited to share. {EXCITED!!!!!!!!1!!1!! but that doesn’t look profesh, does it?}

I’m flailing with the branding and engagement portion of my big vision. Let’s be really real right now, I’ve got a whole $1.49 in my bank account so I can’t afford to invest in myself & business; I’m squeaking by and keeping forward momentum through free info and trades. {Sounds familiar, yes?}

I’m clear on my purpose but I need real guidance on packaging my gifts into unforgettable and engaging  content: I know what I want to do  but I’m not there yet with the killer copy, branding, or style.

This scholarship gave me the perfect opportunity to get it together in the style department and make a fancy schmancy infographic. {I absorbed all the totally awesome infographic tutorials over at HeyShenee.com last night to create this one.}

Hey Shenee! I made this fancy Infographic

What do I want to be KNOWN for?

  • Amazing Art
  • Friendly, accessible personality
  • Fresh, Fun, Easy-to-Follow, and High Quality art courses / workshops.

If you’re not creating the art you want because you, “can’t even draw a straight line,” then I’m going to rock your socks with easy, step-by-step drawing and painting tutorials. Also: Get a ruler and get over it. I’m Kat, I can paint, and you can too!

Don’t have a muse that calls you? Beautify your home and life with amazing art from me.

Change the World? Yes please:

I share free art education via free tutorials on my site because I want people to get their hands on this info and use it to better their lives by creating more beauty via art. Art and beauty can heal by building self esteem through positive self expression and I’m here to share quality content and spread this message.

Thank you for this opportunity Shenee and good luck with all the entries you’ve got to judge!

I’m going to be an infographic machine after all this.

<3 Kat

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