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Tutorial Tuesday: How to Draw Eyes – Now with more worksheets!




eyes worksheet iconI realized that I’m giving people a lot of information with my tutorials, even if I’ve condensed them down into easy to follow chunks.

Solution?  I made a couple of worksheets to go along with the lessons.

Now you can jump right into the lessons, even if you don’t have a sketchbook, just print and follow along! The guidelines are already in place, just follow along with the lesson and draw your eyes on the template.

Easy peasy, they are already sized to 8.5″ x 11″ just save and print these worksheets as many times as you want to use for practice.

The templates I have for you today are the Eyes template worksheets.  Remember the eyes drawing lessons? I’ve included the nose and lips on the template so you can see what a completed face will look like with the size and placement of eyes you choose to draw.



A large part of learning your style is how you draw the eyes.  For these lessons I do show you how I do it, but I encourage you to mix it up and find your style.  If you are drawn to more primitive style eyes or more anime sized eyes, there are spaces on the template to experiment.

If you have a sketchbook that you are drawing in that’s great too! You can use your sketchbook and the worksheets if you want to practice drawing on a template- with practice you will get a better feel for how the eyes should look, and how to draw them quickly and accurately.

When you find a size/style/placement of eyes that really inspires you, draw your final version on the 2nd worksheet.



If you have a style of eyes you like on the small templates print out more than one of this worksheet and see how you like your favorite eyes when you draw them large.  I’m using a 9 x 12″ paper to demo the finished girl so we will be working larger than if you were sketching in a sketchbook.

Most of all, have fun with the lessons!

Do you like the worksheets? Or is there a way I can make them better?  I would love to hear from you, feel free to let me know what your ideas are in the comments. 


<3 Kat

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