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Hi! I'm Kat & I can paint.

Hi, I’m Kat and I can paint.

I love creating portraits + beautiful girls that are part pop surrealism part candy-coated whimsy.  I paint fun, lively, beautiful, and colorful art for myself and for my collectors.

Guess what?

I want to teach YOU how to paint, too.

Painting lights me up. Its like a brain-body-muse love fest between me and the canvas. When I paint I’m really in tune with my best self: I think clearer, I’m happier, I express myself fully because I don’t just think in words I think in images too. When I’m in that creative space my enthusiasm is infectious and life is beautiful.

I want aspiring artists to connect with that spark and enthusiasm for their art.

See– I went to a big name private art school (Ringling School of Art and Design) and private art universities cost a lot of dough. Imagine: $20,000+ a year for 3 hours per class sitting in front of a still life or live model, drawing, drawing, drawing. Where’s the love?  I needed community and feedback to thrive, so, I signed up for a bunch of peer-based extracurricular art clubs  & I dove deep into the library.  Oh, the library, I lived there!  My big romance with painting happened outside of the studio classes, with self directed study and painting.  My spark ignited in the research and discovery of old masters and modern artists, movements, styles, and techniques that I applied to my own art.

I learned that practice is super important — you have to do the work but it doesn’t have to be hard! I know what works when it comes to simplifying the process of learning to paint because I did it for myself.

Are you called to paint and haven’t because you don’t know where to start? If you’ve lost your connection with your muse or if you don’t know how to get it revved up I can help you. You can unblock, get out of your own way, and create beautiful work that really matters. You can paint.

I believe everyone can create the art they love: authentically and enthusiastically.

Check it out:  I offer fresh ‘n’ fun art worksheets, cheatsheets, miniclasses, and tutorials to get you inspired and started making art.

I have to be honest with you: I’m kind of an art enabler and creative catalyst. I’m a painting zealot.  I know life is busy, believe me, I’m a mommy to three year old boy Tasmanian devil.  I know that focusing on yourself and your dreams can sometimes seem frivolous, especially when you don’t know when you’ll have the time to create. I get it, but I know that making art is like making magic.  You need to create, to express whatever is in you, you do.  It will make your life brighter, richer, and fuller.  If you want more beauty and more art in your life, then you should surround yourself with more beauty and more art – and you can create it, easy peasy!

Boom, baby —  instant clarity, bigger love, more confidence, all with art.  

The first step to creating the art and life that you love is admitting you want to create art and a life that you love. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Want to get started? 

I offer an awesome miniclass on how to draw a pretty female face on my blogits free and its fun!

Check it out:

Learn to Draw and Paint

Are you still reading?

I’ve been an artist since elementary school. I was am rambunctious, quirky, super-talkative, and an overachieving know-it-all.  Think pint-sized Hermione Granger mixed with Goo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.  Is that Mabel from Gravity Falls? (Seriously, my blood type is even A+)

When I’m not painting portraits I swing between mixed media artsy piecespop surrealism, and candy-coated whimsical children’s illustration.

Now I’m a full-time artist and mommy to a rambunctious, quirky, talkative little boy.  I show in galleries, travel to art shows, and I have an Etsy shop (katcanpaint.etsy.com) where I sell affordable custom portraits and my original paintings.

You can commission a custom painting katcanpaint.etsy.comBuy my paintings on Etsy: katcanpaint.etsy.com

Feel free to contact me via email with any questions about commission rates for portraits and original art, or ya know, just to chat about cartoons.

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