Blue Alice, after Wonderland : 6″ x 6″ Alice Liddell portrait

Does she look familiar?  I painted this blue haired Alice but she felt so incomplete.



I had a plan to make a rainbow of Alice’s, and a pink haired lovely lives in my sketchbook waiting to be painted.  But this Alice, she felt so incomplete and a rainbow armada of Alice’s wouldn’t change that…. so I set her aside and thought about her while painting other pieces.  Should I change the background?  I added the white bow head band and now she’s perfect!



She’s a 6 x 6 cradled wood panel painted with acrylics.  I am in love with her hair! She’s part of the 20 piece’s I’ve listed on my Etsy.  I really enjoy working this size, she’s small enough that you can display her on a shelf (or mantle like in the top photo) but she’s bold enough that she won’t get lost in a collection of larger pieces.


<3 Kat