Dreams of Butterflies watercolor doodle by katcanpaint.com

Watercolor Stains and butterfly doodles.

Experimenting with a doodle technique in my art journal that I might demo here on the blog:

watercolor and pencil doodle by katcanpaint.com

Practicing a doodle and watercolors experiment. Fuscha pencil + pink and orange paint. And butterflies, of course.


I sponge painted watery orange and magenta paint onto my paper, then found butterfly wing shapes in the paint and defined them with purple pencil.  Hair and face came next and I have this pretty little sketch.


Dreams of Butterflies watercolor doodle by katcanpaint.com


The same process was used here: watery paint was sponge painted onto paper, then I defined shapes with pencil.  I really wanted the hair to cover the entire painted shape, and now it looks like an entire flock of butterflies is inhabiting her curls.


I love doodling because it is a very loose and intuitive process, no pressure to make a perfect face or likeness… no pressure to create.  I don’t even think while I am making work like this, it just flows onto the page.  It was a great breather exercise inbetween tutorials.

Speaking of – How to Draw the Easiest Nose and Lips Ever tomorrow!

Same Kat time, same Kat channel.

Too much?

Ah well, I’m a goof ball!


<3 Kat


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