Hey Pretty! Cupcake Baker portrait + color palette inspiration

Hey Pretty!  Cupcake Baker portrait + color palette inspiration.

This has been a crazy productive week for painting.  So many ideas, so much inspiration that all came after I got out of my own way.   All my scarcity thinking led me to hoarding canvas and paper and paint like it was precious, like there would never be more.  I held back a lot of ideas and creativity because I wasn’t sure which painting was ‘perfect’ for which canvas. 

Its a map!

Its a map… that probably only makes sense to me. Pretty painted girls and how they influenced other paintings of pretty girls.

Too many ideas = unused canvas? That doesn’t even make sense.

I wasn’t even aware of how I was keeping myself so small, until I started to plan out a new body of work for my Etsy.  These lessons cycle for me, this isn’t the first time I’ve blocked myself by trying to be perfect. A lot of my ideas are confined to my tiny sketchbook, precious canvas empty and unused, waiting for my best ideas. But, derp, I don’t have enough canvas for all my ideas!  So my canvas is blank and unused?  That doesn’t even make sense. I have to start somewhere.  Inside my sketchbook now is a road map of paintings I want to do to guide me, complete with the exact colors I want to use and even alternate ideas if I get bored with something.

So hello, messy desk. 

Part of the productivity this week was thanks to abundant unblocking.  I chose a set of acrylics to serve as my color inspiration for a crazy color experiment: three shades of pink, blue, aqua, and turquoise, yellow, vanilla, orange sherbet, and purple. Tired of seeing blank canvas so I base coated everything with pastel pink. Pink! Now I have pink palms, pink arms, pink elbows… And 9 pink canvases.

I have a variety of sizes and shapes to us… but more importantly, I gave myself the space to make mistakes.  I feel free.

Hey Pretty Cupcake by Kat Can Paint

Cupcakes and pink hair and tattoos, oh my!

Yes! This pretty sh0oting-star-tattooed cupcake baker portrait represents the delicious color palette I chose and the space I gave myself to be free.

+ crazy art math

She isn’t perfect, but if I painted with perfection in mind I would never have finished.  This week was all about little wins and big lessons.  I have to get the ideas out because I figure out a lot of things while I am painting.  Sketching and sketching and refining a sketch then using that sketch like a paint by number doesn’t always work for me.  I like having a map (the sketch) but the magic happens when I start painting.

Abundant unblocking = free = pink = magic = painting.  This will be a great weekend.

<3 Kat

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fairy cake digital painting by KatCanPaint

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy CUPCAKE Crafts via Pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Cupcake Crafts via Pinterest

Look! Its another Pinterest Summer Craft Camp. I’ve collected 5 awesome Cupcake Craft pins for your cupcake crafting pleasure! Cute cupcake crafts out of felt, fabric, paper, and spackle! 

Cupcake Stands

Source: ohcupcakes.net via Kat on Pinterest

Easy cupcake stands, for your finished felt cupcake craft or your spackle cupcakes!

Beautiful felt cupcake and strawberry!

Source: instructables.com via Kat on Pinterest

From instructables.com – too pretty!

Cupcake Placecard holders

Source: frugaliciousme.com via Kat on Pinterest

Made with spackle, glue, and paint!

I can’t sew, and I admire anyone who can, so here is a cute hand-stitched cupcake purse.

Source: paper-and-string.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

It even has a zipper!

This is a cute fabric and paper cupcake card, if you can’t sew!

Source: thepinkcouch.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

There are petit fours and other cakes too make too!

Happy Cupcake Crafting!
<3 Kat

My newest painting in progress, Pink Velvet – cupcake diner waitress and pie baker

Here is a little peek of an acrylic painting I’m still working on. I really love her face.  I named her Pink Velvet.

Pink Velvet painting by KatCanPaint

Bubblegum pink retro ‘do? Yes, please!
Pink Velvet is a cupcake diner waitress. Or an award-winning triple berry pie baker. Or maybe she builds elaborate gingerbread sand castles with working drawbridges and tutti frutti treasure chests. Cotton candy coiffed mermaids dressed in strings of royal icing pearls, opalescent starfish and sugar dusted shells.
Or, all three! Pink Velvet is a cookie, candy, cake, and pie architect.

<3 Kat

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fairy cake digital painting by KatCanPaint

Fairy cake! Cupcake Illustration

Fairy cake! Cupcake Illustration

As if there wasn’t a large enough cult following for cupcakes, I just found out that the British call cupcakes ‘fairy cakes’. (I was also the last person to know about Ghostbusters 3) You can now add me to the obsessed list.


fairy cake digital painting by KatCanPaint
I made this cute little illustration after learning about the name. I keep imagining magical fairy bakers making glittery, sparkling, delicious cakes. Like Keebler elves, but with more flair. Hopefully the magic part would make them calorie and fat free, not mind-altering. I imagine they would come in flavors like Rose, Hibiscus, and Gooseberry, but in a non-trendy way.

Now I really want to bake cupcakes…I mean… fairy cakes!


<3 Kat

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