I named her Rosaline!

Rosaline is a new painting, and I love this girl.  Dreamy portrait, pink mermaid hair, layers of rainbow sherbet butterfly wings.  This painting came so easy too!




This cute girly is acrylic on paper, 9×12, which is nice but small.


So now I’m itching to paint her on 16 x 20 canvas I have that is waiting for something beautiful. I wonder if she will translate well to canvas from paper in almost double sized? Only one way to find out!

I’ll let you know when shes available for purchase. For now there are a bunch of beautiful paintings and prints listed in my Etsy, hop on over and pick yourself up something nice.

Paintings and Prints in my Etsy

I listed 20 new paintings / prints in my Etsy shop :

Holy Art, Batman! Those 20 lovelies are in addition to the custom portrait paintings you can commission.

<3 Kat

Sleeps with Butterflies : original acrylic painting on canvas by Kat McBride

Sleeps with Butterflies by KatcanPaint

“Sleeps with Butterflies”
acrylic on canvas 8 x 10 inches 2012

She’s finished, and available in my Etsy shop!

Sleeps with Butterflies is an original acrylic painting on 8″ x 10″ canvas with 1/2″ sides.

She has a secret hidden behind that Mona Lisa smile. Her face has a beautiful mysterious quality, a playful thoughtfulness. Is she wistful?

This painting is romantic with soft glazing, butterfly wings, and roses balanced with saturated colors and captivating stares. I am really inspired by fashion editorials, beautifully photographed portraits, and subtleties in expression. The colors are soft and vibrant but may look different in person than on your monitor.

Sleeps with Butterflies is a part of a collection of paintings inspired by hazy summer memories and a surreal Florida childhood.

Painting grouping by KatcanPaint

Several paintings are a part of this summer collection:

Butterfly Summer

Girl with the Watercolor Rose tattoo

and an entire series of Overlapping Butterfly Wing paintings.

I’ll update with more this week, as soon as I can get everything scanned and photographed.  My prints should be here tomorrow, and I am more excited than a kid at Christmas.  This will be the first time my Etsy shop is full!   It’s incredible to see it all coming together: I’ll have original paintings, prints, and custom art listed…and I’m working on more art everyday.

Whoo hoo!

<3 Kat

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Do you have a gorgeous photograph with an ugly background? No worries, you can still own a custom portrait painting..

Do you have a gorgeous photograph with an ugly background? It happens, I can help.

Sometimes photos don’t capture a memory quite the way I want; the pose is perfect! …but the lighting is off.

My son looked so cute in this photo, but it was early Spring and our yard was dead. (Seriously dead, the only time I have a green thumb is if I smear paint on it.) 2/3 of this sweet moment was ugly brown patches of grass and I was pretty bummed.

Summer came, the grass was green, and I kept trying to figure out how to get a 2 year old to stop destroying the dandelions.  

Waiting to take another picture seemed silly, anyway.  How was I supposed to set up a cute picture of a toddler and get perfect results?  How was I supposed to stop him from destroying the nice green grass and dandelions with his toy truck?  Mission: Impossible.

Thankfully I am an artist, and I love painting portraits!

Acrylic Portrait Painting of my son

Have you had the same problem? Have a great picture you would like painted but the background is you at the grocery store? No worries- I can work with you to create a great work of art you’ll love.

Plus! I can paint from any photo; couple’s photos, best friend portraits, prom, family photos, senior pictures, graduation, vacation pictures, even candid shots.

custom painted portraits by Kat Can Paint

I’ve been painting portraits professionally (say that 3 times fast!) since 2007. 5 years and almost 100 portraits later and I have the process perfected.

After checking out through Etsy you e-mail or message me a great, high resolution photo of the people for your painting, or a couple if you’d like me to combine portraits from separate photographs. I can add a beautiful painterly, classic, background to your painting or a solid color of your choice. I use professional quality acrylic on 140lb, cold pressed, Fabriano brand archival watercolor paper.

If you don’t speak artist this means it is a high quality, thick paper with a great texture.  It looks gorgeous and is easy to display: pop your portrait into any frame with an 8 x 10 opening and you are set!

It takes only takes about a week to sketch,  paint, seal, and mail your original painting.

I stay connected with you through out the process.  I email you photos of the sketch, the work in progress, and the finished piece so you can be sure your custom painting is perfect.

Not to brag, but I have awesome customers who leave glowing feedback!

Kat is amazingly talented. She did an unbelievable portrait for me, was so quick to communicate, and sent it out in a fast timeline with no extra fees. I will DEFINITELY be ordering portraits from her in the future!!! Best deal on etsy!

– M. Shuty

Owning a custom portrait couldn’t be easier or more affordable, if you’d like one you can order online through my store:

<3 Kat

How to create a custom silhouette portrait : 5 easy tutorials from 5 beautiful blogs

The traditional method of making a silhouette ...


There are a lot of ways to create your own custom silhouette portrait.  If you are computer saavy you can edit a profile photo and print out your design.  If you’re more crafty you can trace and carefully cut out a silhouette portrait of yourself, your child, or your pet.  These five bloggers made excellent tutorials on how to create custom silhouettes and I wanted to share.

Jones Design Company has a beautifully designed blog *and* a tutorial for how to make your own custom silhouette art using computer software. JDC uses, which is free and supports layers, to create a silhouette from an uploaded photograph.

See the tutorial ~ visit the blog

E tells tales shares a lovely felt and fabric silhouette tutorial framed in an embroidery hoop. Check out the rest of her blog as well for beautiful photography.

See the tutorial ~ visit the blog

The Fab Miss B uses a printed photo, tracing paper, an xacto blade, and card stock to create pretty framed silhouette portraits.

See the tutorial ~ visit the blog

The Poor Sophisticate is an amazing interior design blog with awesome design tips and nicely styled photos.  One of many tutorials available is an easy classic silhouette tutorial that you print yourself, cut out of black paper, and mount with Aleene’s Tacky Spray.

See the tutorial ~ visit the blog

And Nesting Place has the greatest philosophy for home design, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” If you want to create a personalized gift, or something sweet for yourself, just follow her tutorial to make a silhouette necklace.

See the tutorial ~ visit the blog


If you don’t want to break out the scissors and glue Etsy has a lot of great options as well.

AtomicHotdish  will create a detailed profile silhouette and email it to you in .pdf form for $20.00

BklynSilhouettes offers clean, classic, custom illustrated silhouettes for $35.00.

PrettyFaces sells 8 x 10 framed prints with a lot of custom options for $50.00

ThisWayUpGraphics makes a modern lineart silhouette illustration on a colored matte background. $18.50


I like to trace my photo onto canvas and carefully paint the silhouette in black.  It looks really nice on the wood plaques you can buy at Michaels, and is a very inexpensive way to create gifts or art for your walls.

Have fun creating!

<3 Kat


Are your best friends secretly super heroes?


Do you text faster than a speeding bullet? I can turn you into a superhero! All of my custom portraits are painted from your photos, all you do is email me the photo or photos you’d like to see Superhero-ified. (I can also paint couples, babies, children, or individual portraits.) You just tell me the color scheme and costume you have in mind and I design it for you! It takes less than a week to have an awesome hand painted superhero version of you!

Want one? Check out my etsy shop:


<3 Kat

16 x 20 acrylic portrait of Brandon

How I paint a Classic Portrait : Brandon’s traditional portrait

16 x 20 acrylic portrait of Brandon

16 x 20 acrylic portrait of Brandon

Classically posed and executed portraits are perfect gifts for parents and grandparents, especially if those with more traditionally styled homes.  

I usually paint in a fun, brightly colored, non-traditional style but sometimes a customer needs a completely custom, classically rendered, original painting. Brandon ordered a large scale traditional portrait to give to his grandparents for Christmas. The process was quick and easy: Brandon took a quick picture of himself with his camera phone and emailed it to me.  After we talked about background color, size, and style,  I started working. He was a part of the process each step of the way, I checked in with him to make sure he liked the sketch, underpainting and final product.

What really sets this painting apart from my usual work is the color scheme and size. It’s huge! 16″ x 20″!

I used a classic palette of Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Ivory Black, Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Titan Buff and Yellow Ochre.  This painting started off with a grisalle which is a gray underpainting, then I painted the colors in multiple layers over top. I use Golden fluid acrylics, they are the best, but if you use cheap acrylics hand mix your skin tones! If you squeeze a generic flesh tone out from the bottle you end up with orange plastic skin – and that only looks good on Barbie dolls.

Traditionally or nontraditional? You can choose which style you like in my etsy shop: KatCanPaint! I sell custom, affordable portraits from your photographs just like this one.

<3 Kat

painted portrait of my son

Painting a day – Day 1- Portrait of Keian

Portrait of Keian
acrylic on watercolor paper

I herniated 2 disks in my lower back (no fun!) and I’m stuck at home until I am healed. So I started a Painting – A – Day challenge.  I’m committing to making a piece of art a day, until I am off of bed-rest, to keep myself busy and to keep my painting skills sharp.  When I was preparing for my gallery show I was really amazed by how daily painting really improved my abilities.

To start off this whole painting experiment  I painted a portrait of my two-year-old son, Keian.  He is painted in acrylics using lots of thin washes built up wet into wet; almost like working with watercolor or goache.  I used a muted, limited palette and the wet-into-wet technique gave the painting a very soft look.  Its such a soft and sweet painting of my little boy that I think I want to make prints for my family.

I am also offering baby portraits on my etsy, so if you have a lovely photo of your child that you would like for me to make into art have a look!

<3 Kat