How to Draw a Pretty Face! Week Two : Nose and Lips

Its a twofer this week – How to draw cute button noses and lovely lips.  You’ll have a pretty face finished in no time!


I’m trying to make these tutorials simple, stylized, and high quality for beginners and advanced artists alike.

Infographics + quick and easy step-by-step instructions break down drawing a cute nose into 4 easy steps:

easiest nose ever drawing tutorial via

Please Share! I’d love for as many people to take advantage of my free drawing lessons as possible.

In art school figure painting class we were taught to soften the nose.  Overly realistic noses (and ears!)  look unattractive, but this one is 4 simple steps using easy to draw shapes. Cute as a button, right?

Then there are lips, which I know a lot of people have trouble with.  The secret it to not over-outline your lips.  Big bold thick lines around your lips are a thing of the 80s, and not a good thing like Jem! and The Breakfast Club.  Keep your lines soft and suggest forms with shading.  Follow along here:

How to Draw Lips tutorial via

Feel free to pin this tutorial. I’d love for as many people to take advantage of these free drawing lessons as possible.

Have fun sketching and Practice Practice Practice! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to draw cute girly faces once you learn the tricks.

Look for the How to Paint versions of these tutorials Thursday or Friday. (Depends on how quickly I get the editing done.)

In this blog workshop / free painting series you can expect to learn how to draw and paint all the basics of a pretty female face so please share these tutorials with anyone you think would love free drawing and painting lessons.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, whatevs – just link back to me pleaseandthankyou!

Look at all this content I’m covering:

  • How to Draw Eyes 
  • How to Paint Eyes 
  • How to Draw Noses (You are Here ^_^)
  • How to Paint Noses
  • How to Draw Lips (You are Here too!)
  • How to Paint Lips
  • How to Draw the Face (facial structure) and Ears
  • How to Draw Hair
  • How to Paint Hair
  • Bringing it all together


    • How to Mix Custom Skintone Colors (Included in the How to Paint Eyes lesson)
    • How to Choose a Canvas
    • Types of Paint : Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews
    • Types of Brushes: Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews (I’m feeling a theme here)
    • Gesso, Mediums, + more: demystifying the whys and whens of using primers and mediums
    • How to Incorporate Mixed Media and Collage elements
    • Where do I go from here?
    • Pinterest drawing and painting Inspiration

I know there will be a lot more additions to this list too, because I want to include everything I know about drawing and painting a pretty face in this series.  I want it to be easy to read and follow along and fun for beginners and more advanced painters alike.

If you have questions go ahead and leave a comment so I can answer them & add them to the tutorial.

<3 Kat