Tutorial Tuesday! How to Draw a Pretty Face, Week Three : Drawing a perfectly proportionate head.


Its Tuesday and I have another free drawing tutorial for you! Today I am showing you how to put all those eyes, nose, and lips you’re practicing onto a proportioned head perfect for beginners to learn to draw.

I know I promised the How to Paint version of noses and lips last week but I am going to hold off on offering the how to paint versions until after the How to Draw versions are done. It isn’t going to help anyone to jump into painting before they have perfected the drawing parts. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

One more quick note before we dive into the lesson: This is a proportion for a stylized face and head. The proportions for a realistic female head are a little different. I started with the rules of drawing a human head and I just adjusted them slightly to fit my stylistic needs. (As long as you know what the rules are you can make them work for you.)

Who wants some step-by-step face and head diagrams? Get your sketch books and pencils ready, we’ve got 8 easy steps to drawing the cheeks and chin in proportion on your girl’s head. Exciting!

It looks like a lot of information, I know. But I promise you its only confusing the first time you diagram it all out. You’re golden if you just remember: eyes are in the middle of the head and start the bottom half of the head’s division into thirds. Keep your eyes at least one eye width apart, and the outside corner of your mouth should end at about the pupils of your person.

Make it your own! Change the size of your eyes or the width apart and take note of how it changes the entire feel of your drawing. Alter the size of your lips, make ’em tiny, and see how it changes her expression.

Practice practice practice so you can get a real feel for how and where the curves in the face go. Have fun and make mistakes! Draw her too thin or too chubby. Give her model cheekbones and a pointier chin. It is only by drawing it over and over can you develop the muscle memory and the eye for how you want your girl’s face to look.

At this point our girl is really starting to come together; we only have to worry about ears, hair, and the neck and shoulders. Smooth sailing!

<3 Kat
In this blog workshop / free painting series you can expect to learn how to draw and paint all the basics of a pretty female face so please share these tutorials with anyone you think would love free drawing and painting lessons.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, whatevs – just link back to me pleaseandthankyou!

Look at all this content I’m covering:


  • How to Mix Custom Skintone Colors (Included in the How to Paint Eyes lesson)
  • How to Choose a Canvas
  • Types of Paint : Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews
  • Types of Brushes: Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews (I’m feeling a theme here)
  • Gesso, Mediums, + more: demystifying the whys and whens of using primers and mediums
  • How to Incorporate Mixed Media and Collage elements
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Pinterest drawing and painting Inspiration

I know there will be a lot more additions to this list too, because I want to include everything I know about drawing and painting a pretty face in this series.  I want it to be easy to read and follow along and fun for beginners and more advanced painters alike.

If you have questions go ahead and leave a comment so I can answer them & add them to the tutorial.