True Story (What its like to paint with a 3 year old)

So, I’m working on this painting, and Keian works next to me, usually painting a pirate ship or birdhouse.

(My son and I paint together a lot.  He’s three. He really likes to do whatever I like to do, and I really like to paint.)


I work on several paintings at once, because I am impatient, so while one layer is drying I move onto something else.

I leave the table to grab the next painting but I can’t decide on just one.  I spend maybe 30 seconds deciding, and Keian says, “Mommy!”

He has a paint brush loaded with green paint in his hand.

 “One minute baby,” I tell him, trying to pick another painting.

“Mommy!” He insists.

I’m trying to be quick, so I grab all the paintings, but 45 seconds is too long.




“I paint a dinosaur.  High five?”

High five, little man.

*I put the stack of paintings down, away from the green paint brush.