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I’m a Pinterest addict, its true.  I used to keep notebooks and sketchbooks full of magazine clippings of faces that inspired me: Now I have pinboards!

I have a couple of favorite models that I love to use as portrait painting inspiration – and it is super important to draw from life as much as possible even if your art is stylized versions of people.  Drawing from photographs doesn’t replace drawing from life: photographs are flat, 2-d images based on life, so your drawings from them will always be flat.  You can only capture the details the camera’s lens recorded, instead of the details your eyes and brain pick out.  It really is important, in art school I had 3 hours of figure drawing daily plus I went to an extracurricular figure drawing workshop twice a week.  I learned the rules of proportion and how to really see the figure in space. That level of dedication to figure drawing  was important to me because I love drawing and painting people and portraits; I wanted to  be able to stylize the lines and proportions with a foundation in realism.   If you need practice draw your family, friends, keep a mirror in your art studio/ work area and draw yourself!

Well, that was a tangent!

Anyway, I still love a great portrait, magazine editorial, and moody photograph.  I have an entire pinboard dedicated to my love of portraits and portrait art; I’m inspired daily by beautiful faces.

I’ve collected six lovely lady faces, photographed with great lighting, focused on captivating eyes for your enjoyment and inspiration!


Source: manchannel.tumblr.com via Kat on Pinterest

Tomorrow I am sharing the first class in my How to Paint a Pretty Face workshop: How to Draw Eyes.

See you then!

<3 Kat


Through the Looking Glass by KatCanPaint

Mad Tea Party 2012!

I’ve always loved the idea of Wonderland. I draw and paint Alice and the characters from Wonderland a lot.

She shows up in my sketchbooks all the time! This painting is Alice’s Favorite necklace I really want to make a cute pattern out of that wallpaper and turn it into fabric. Wouldn’t that make the cutest dress?

Through the Looking Glass by KatCanPaint

I love the entire idea of Wonderland and Mad Tea Parties! I’m beyond excited that I get to participate this year. I love this idea so much I made a pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to party ideas. 

My Mad Tea Party this year is brought to you by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist and Pinterest! Such lovely sources of wonder, whimsy, and inspiration!

Don’t worry, everyone’s invited!

..and if you are running late and can’t figure out what to wear, the lovely blogger DisneyBound has a million amazing Alice themed outfits

If if only it weren’t hurricane season here in Florida, I would love to have a real, live, gorgeous tea party in my backyard.  This image is so magical to me.

Couldn’t you just live outside in this Wonderland, having tea parties everyday?

Source: goo.gl via Colby on Pinterest

Grab yourself a cup of tea!  They make Alice in Wonderland themed tea, who knew? (Also authorized for real birthdays.)

Source: google.com via Kyle on Pinterest

Or a cuppa cake. I’m a sucker for a creative cupcake!

I’d love to be a guest at this Mad Tea Party themed wedding

This year I painted a very different Alice. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a blond Alice, like in the Disney movie, a brunette Alice… or something a little different.

blue hair alice painting by KatcanPaint

Something a little different won! I want a blue purple wig of my very own, and her Peter Pan collar. This Alice is far from traditional, I feel like I captured a school photo portrait…Freshman in highschool Alice. I know I had crazy colored hair in highschool ^_^

Happy Mad Tea Partying everyone and a big giant ThAnK YoU!!! Ms. Vanessa for hosting such an amazing party every year, I’m so glad I could make it this year!

<3 Kat

Imaginary Wardrobe : Illustrating my favorite clothing from Pinterest

Hello Thursday!

I have had a crazy awesome week! A lot of breakthroughs that felt like breakdowns in the middle.  I have been driving myself crazy trying to nail down exactly what I am doing with my art.  What is my style?  What do I keep, what do I focus on?  What am I bored with and what do I let go?

I’m robbing myself of the joy of painting trying to know set-in-stone answers to those questions when I’ve never been a set-in-stone kind of girl.

My favorite thing from this week is the Ah ha! Moment that I had while running through my pinboards on pinterest.  I love fashion: Colors, textures, patterns, I am super inspired by a lot of fashiony things, even if I will only covet and never own pieces I adore.  Firstly I am a plus sized girl and a lot of the clothing that I love just isn’t made in my size, and I’m not learning to sew any time soon.  And, secondly, I am definitely never going to be able to afford to purchase ever article of clothing that I love anyway- with clothing, shoes, and jewelry I bet I could spend enough to purchase a new house.

So I am living vicariously through my imaginary pinterest wardrobe when the Ah Ha! Moment hit me: if I can’t own the clothes I’m fantasizing about I can illustrate them!


Here is the first of my Imaginary Wardrobe girls:

Imaginary Wardrobe 1 by KatcanPaint fashion illustration


Isn’t she cute? I never really considered fashion illustration my thing, but this girl was fun and quick to make.  Whenever I start to drive myself bonkers, I’m going to step back and illustrate one of these girls; I’m not here to kill myself with worry over painting, I’m here to have fun!


<3 Kat


Protecting a painting from the Enchanted Forest by KatCanPaint

From the Archives! Protecting: a painting from the Enchanted Forest

From the Archives! Protecting * A painting from the enchanted forest

This post and painting were originally shared in June of 2009; it seems like forever ago!


Protecting a painting from the Enchanted Forest by KatCanPaint

Acrylic on canvas

I’m going to do an entire series: a lot of characters live in the Enchanted Forest world I that I created with this painting.  I think a lot of the storybook / fairy tale art I have all is a part of this magical forest.  The style of my paintings here is really more illustrative, more children’s art: sweet, whimsical, feminine.

This piece is much larger than my scanner so the image area you see here is from the middle of the painting. I really enjoyed painting the mushrooms and her dress. Lace!   This painting was originally from the Nest journal page, I made it while I was pregnant with my son Keian, the idea of nesting and protecting made somewhat literal.  I liked the original snowy forest from the journal but I wanted a bright and happy painting. The concept has followed me and it grew into an entire world of its own…this polka dotted blue mushroom Enchanted Forest is too sweet.


<3 Kat

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fairy cake digital painting by KatCanPaint

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy CUPCAKE Crafts via Pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Cupcake Crafts via Pinterest

Look! Its another Pinterest Summer Craft Camp. I’ve collected 5 awesome Cupcake Craft pins for your cupcake crafting pleasure! Cute cupcake crafts out of felt, fabric, paper, and spackle! 

Cupcake Stands

Source: ohcupcakes.net via Kat on Pinterest

Easy cupcake stands, for your finished felt cupcake craft or your spackle cupcakes!

Beautiful felt cupcake and strawberry!

Source: instructables.com via Kat on Pinterest

From instructables.com – too pretty!

Cupcake Placecard holders

Source: frugaliciousme.com via Kat on Pinterest

Made with spackle, glue, and paint!

I can’t sew, and I admire anyone who can, so here is a cute hand-stitched cupcake purse.

Source: paper-and-string.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

It even has a zipper!

This is a cute fabric and paper cupcake card, if you can’t sew!

Source: thepinkcouch.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

There are petit fours and other cakes too make too!

Happy Cupcake Crafting!
<3 Kat

diy tiny donkey pinata craft pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts via Pinterest

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp! 5 Fun and Easy Summer Crafts via Pinterest

In case you didn’t know, I am going to need a pintervention soon.  I seriously have the worst addiction to Pinterest.  I can’t help it, I’m a visual person.  See, I used to be fast and furious with the right clicking.  Oh pretty picture! Right clicky-click and there was a million and twelve folders full of gigabytes of purloined images, never to be labelled or properly attributed.  Then pinterest came along and I jumped on board: I was on pinterest before pinterest was cool.  I’m so hipster.

Now I have 21 folders with over 1000 pins, and I’m not even trying.  It is visual bookmarking for me, which is something I do naturally.  I used to keep a journal, a binder, and several folders full of cut out images of things that inspired me.  The great thing about Pinterest is that I can track trends socially and I can group ideas and inspirations into separate folders that link back to the source- and I don’t take up any space on my computer. I get the joy of curating my own little galleries for whatever my whims are at the moment.

Right now I am really into summertime crafts and I am regularly featuring fun and easy crafts pinned on Pinterest.

Princess crowns out of lace and glitter!


I think these are meant for little girls, but I would totally wear these and leave a trail of glitter in my fabulous wake.


Tiny home made pinatas


I want a pinata necklace, or a pinata garland, or a tiny pinata party.  They look beautiful and are so amazingly simple: cut out the cardboard shapes (use recycled cereal boxes!) tape them together with masking tape, and decorate with tissue paper cut into strips and fringed. *fringed may or may not be a real word.


Fun flip flops!

Source: areaderz.com via Kat on Pinterest


This template is easy to personalize: lace / buttons / fabric rosettes /old rhinestone jewelry


Paper Craft Owls


These couldn’t be easier, you just print these little guys out and cut & fold.


DIY Neon Animal Garland

Source: blog.hgtv.com via Kat on Pinterest



Get a bag o’ plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store and paint them in fun neon colors, then string them and hang anywhere you need a prehistoric pop of color!  Or cover ’em in glitter spray paint, because you can’t have enough glitter dinos in your life!



I have two other Pinterest Summer Craft Camp posts for your pinterest addiction crafting pleasure:


Happy Crafting!

<3 Kat

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Pinterest Summer Craft Camp: Weekend Edition * 2 Fun and Easy Crafts to Do this Weekend

Pinterest Summer Craft Camp: Weekend Edition * 2 Fun and Easy Crafts to Do this Weekend

Here are two cute and fun felt crafts delivered straight from Pinterest! One is the cutest colorful little stuffed owls, and the second is cute felt fairy wands!

Both require a little bit of time and some felt but you could definitely get them done on a weekend.

These little owls are bits of felt glued on a styrofoam ball.  You can make oodles of them!

Source: go.tipjunkie.com via Kat on Pinterest

Wouldn’t these wands be fun for a Princess party as favors?


There you have it, two cute easy and fun crafts you can do this weekend!

Stay cool!

<3 Kat

Pinterest Summer Camp :: 6 Fun DIY Craft Projects

Pinterest Summer Camp :: Fun DIY Craft Projects

I spend too much time on Pinterest curating and collecting little things that inspire me.  Lately I’ve been looking for fun crafty how-tos for summertime.  You can follow me here: Kat McBride / Pinterest.

Looking for some fun crafty projects to do? I picked six that I think are perfect for a summer camp craft party:

  • Try Sharpie T-shirt tie-dying.  I want to do this so much, but I have black, olive green, and …another black sharpie.  After stocking up I want to do this project, then doodle over the beautiful colors.  DIY wearable art? Yes, please!

Source: theartgirljackie-tutorials.blogspot.com via Kat on Pinterest

  • This headband is simple and gorgeous, and you could make it yourself with fabric stiffener, lace, and ribbon.  Or visit etsy.com and purchase one!

Source: etsy.com via Kat on Pinterest

  • All you need is canvas, two colors of acrylic paint, and leaves for this project!
  • Large Paper Mache Flowers, why wouldn’t you want to make these?
  • Sequins, flowers, & vase. Beautiful. Double points if you pick the flowers yourself.

Source: laurenconrad.com via Kat on Pinterest

  • Hand-painted flats! Puffy paint!  Such a great idea and so easy to diy.

Source: psimadethis.com via Kat on Pinterest

Grab some ice tea and get crafting! If you need more crafty DIY ideas follow me! Kat McBride / Pinterest

<3 Kat