Free Drawing and Painting Workshop! Introducing my How to Draw and Paint a Pretty Face series.


Want to learn how to draw and paint super pretty faces?

Stay tuned, I’m putting the finishing touches on the first  class: How to Draw Eyes – which is my favorite part of drawing and painting faces. I’m really passionate about this topic, and if you haven’t noticed, I love painting portraits and beautiful, dreamy girls.

Tomorrow I am going to share some of my favorite portrait painting inspiration images from Pinterest, then we are jumping right into the How to Draw Eyes class.  My aim is that at the end of this series you can draw and paint a pretty female face you’ll be proud of, from start to finish.

My simple face painting tutorial turned into several classes then morphed in a workshop.  I really wanted to be thorough and share what I know about how to paint a pretty girl face.  Every time I outlined the information I wanted to share, the list grew.  And grew. I can’t hold back; there are so many little bits and things that I’ve learned over the years of painting.  I’m creating a source of information that I wish was around when I started painting.  I had so many questions and I couldn’t really just Google things back in the day:  How do I choose a brush when there are ten trillion in the brush aisle of Michaels? Why is “Santa’s flesh” orange? What is the difference between this $2.00 bottle of paint and this $11.59 bottle, besides price, obviously?  I had a lot of questions on technique, materials, and style that mystified me when I was trying to figure out how to paint portraits.  I’ve spent years experimenting, researching, painting, taking classes, and learning everything I could about figure drawing and painting people and portraits.


Now you can Google the answers to a lot of art questions if you need a quick answer, but there is still a lot of art speak involved, especially if you are just jumping in, and it can get majorly overwhelming.  More than that, these questions come up a lot later in your artist journey when you’ve already invested time and money in experimenting, like I did, only to find that you hate using oils and turpentine.

I’m really into this workshop. I ran through outlining and planning all the tutorials and extras I wanted to add in the coming weeks.  Look at this list!

  • How to Draw Eyes
  • How to Paint Eyes
  • How to Draw Noses
  • How to Paint Noses
  • How to Draw Lips
  • How to Paint Lips
  • How to Draw the Face (facial structure) and Ears
  • How to Draw Hair
  • How to Paint Hair
  • Bringing it all together


    • How to Mix Custom Skintone Colors
    • How to Choose a Canvas
    • Types of Paint : Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews
    • Types of Brushes: Quick and Easy Explanation and Reviews (I’m feeling a theme here)
    • Gesso, Mediums, + more: demystifying the whys and whens of using primers and mediums
    • How to Incorporate Mixed Media and Collage elements
    • Where do I go from here?
    • Pinterest drawing and painting Inspiration

I know there will be a lot more additions to this list too, because I want to include everything I know about drawing and painting a pretty face in this series.  I want it to be easy to read and follow along and fun for beginners and more advanced painters alike.

This week is How to Draw Eyes.  Quickie preview?  Yes, I’ve got one for you!

I’m so excited about this fun and information rich workshop that I’m having a hard time not unleashing an insane amount of stuff into the world all in one go… but that would be insanely overwhelming.

See you tomorrow with my Pinterest face painting inspiration!

<3 Kat