now imagine... painting by Lara Harwood

Art to Inspiration August : Lara Harwood

Art to Inspiration is a collaborative project organized to bring exposure to the art community around the world. We feature any medium of art from young artists and design posts to share how we have been inspired by the piece.  (taken from the website)


now imagine... painting by Lara Harwood

Title : …now imagine all the thick birdsong thick as a forest
Name of Artist : Lara Harwood


I am in need of some thoughtful inspiration and as an artist I thought I would create a painting based on this work.  Instead, a poem surfaced,  so I went with that instead.


now imagine all the thick birdsong thick as a forest

dew drops dripping

weighing down the ferns and leaves

thicket of feathers thick with the burden of birdsong

rich ultramarine phtalo green and yellow ochre

carmine red peeking through the

shadows and the dappling of light

so colorful it pools melodious on the page


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<3 Kat




Love Birds by KatCanPaint

Celebrating 20 years of Sailor Moon!

Did you watch Sailor Moon as a kid?  Sailor Moon celebrated her 20th anniversary last year!  Which makes me feel pretty darn old.
I fell in love with Sailor Moon when I was 12: a beautifully drawn feminine fairy tale anime that had butt-kicking superheroes, how couldn’t I?   I had no idea what anime was at the time but it blew my mind! It aired on the WB in a morning block of cartoons… I think it was Garfield/Dragon Ball Z/ Sailor Moon.
Love Birds by KatCanPaint

©2012 Kathleen McBride, Love Birds, watercolor and acrylic, 9″ x 12″

You can see the influence Sailor Moon had in my art in paintings like Love Birds.  All fluff and fun wrapped in a pink sugar coated package.   Sometimes I reminisce and return to my roots when painting. Do what you know, right?
 In middle school, when I first started drawing, it was all Sailor Moon all the time.  I loved the manga,  I had never seen anything like it.  I would draw and paint trying to copy Naoko Takeuchi’s style: delicate lines, lace textures, and white ink.
Art Nouveau style Sailor Moon Manga
 I was introduced to art nouveau through Sailor Moon.
That summer I started collecting comic books so I could emulate the style even more.   I wanted to be a shoujo manga artist all through out middle school.  Inevitably I found more comics to enjoy, more artists and authors to love and emulate.
Paintings inspired by Sailor Moon
My illustration portfolio is full of sweet, girly, fantasy illustrations.  They are all based on things I loved from my childhood but not as obvious tributes as Love Birds.   I wonder if anyone else can trace their entire artistic journey back to the start. 
<3 Kat
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Custom Superhero Portrait

Custom Super Hero Portrait (or Villain, if that’s how you roll)

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Custom Superhero Portrait

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Your custom portrait is illustrated in a comic book style, with bright colors, using artist quality pencils and acrylic paint. I use beautifully textured, cold pressed, 140lb Fabriano watercolor paper. The paper makes your portrait perfect for popping into any 8 x 10 picture frame.

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<3 Kat